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I believe in empowerment and love to work with tools that provide just that. I am not here to fix or change you, but to be a (sometimes confrontational) mirror and stand beside you as you flower and thrive as your most beautiful and unique self. Ultimately you won’t be needing my guidance, because you’ve come to fully trust yourself and your inner authority.

I specialise in tools that allow you to align with your authentic self, shift your limiting beliefs and express and embody your truth. I use Human Design as foundation for all sessions because it gives you a clear blueprint of who you are and how your energy works. It will give you more understanding of why you are wired a certain way and in which areas you were conditioned. Expect a lot of AHA-moments.

Rushing through life is not in my vocabulary anymore, even though I am super fast most of the time. I love taking time with you and am fully present with my whole being. I am a true empath and don’t shy away from realness, everything is welcome in the container I provide when working with you.

You can book single sessions or mix & match different ones if it resonates.


Align with your unique energy blueprint


Inquire & shift your limiting beliefs

Kind words

Yvonne Aarts

“Carina coaches from a place I would love to be myself. She guides with peace, acceptance and the wisdom she acquired through her own experiences. Besides these beautiful qualities, she has strong analytical skills as well. This makes her see through your words and asking the right questions. All of this makes Carina a truly warm and loving coach”

Nathalie Kemna

“I instantly felt very welcome with Carina, she provides a safe space for you to be yourself. She’s a great listener and her questions dare you to look beyond your rational mind. Instead of giving advice, she helps you to come up with your own answers and insights. I am so grateful for her support. After the session with her I felt relaxed and motivated!”

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