Sacral Masterclass (English)


In this 2-hour Masterclass you’ll learn the basics of the defined Sacral center for Generators & Manifesting Generators. This class is for you if you’re a Sacral being or if you want to support them in your life. As an MG myself, I speak from both lived experience as HD source knowledge.

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Do you need more understanding of what it means to be a (Manifesting) Generator type? How to integrate this into your whole being and have practical tools to implement in your every day life? Then this Masterclass is for you!

What you learn

What the Sacral center is all about and how to use its power & energy
❥ How the Generator aura works & how to let it work for you
❥ What responding is (not) and what it looks like in real life
❥ How to support Generators & Manifesting Generators (a.k.a. Sacral beings) in daily life
❥ The ‘waiting’ part and why it’s so important
❥ Practical tips & tricks to experiment with

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