The 9 centers HD Guide


This e-book is for you when you’re new to Human Design and want to learn more about the 9 centers. The centers are a great place to start understanding how your energy works (in relationship to others around you) on a surface level. This book helps you understand what the centers mean, how they play out in your life and if you have consistent access to them or not. Plus the journal prompts & check-in questions help you reflect on them and experience with what you’ve learned.

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The 9 centers HD Guide includes:

❥ Extensive deep dive of the centers (meaning, function, archetypes)
❥ The difference between defined & undefined centers and what this means
❥ What both healthy & unhealthy expressions of each center looks like
❥ Examples of not-self talk in your undefined centers (& how to navigate this)
❥ Check-in questions & journal prompts to reflect on each center
❥ 80+ pages of (visual) content created with lots of love!

It’s for you if you…

❥ …want to understand your own design (or those of your family/friends/kids) a little better
❥ …want to know where you are more susceptible to others around you
❥ …want to know what energies you can rely on in yourself
❥ …love learning at your own pace in your own space

❥ …don’t feel a call for a deep dive reading (yet)



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