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How to deal with an undefined Head & Root center (a.k.a. the pressure cooker)

Do you feel a constant pressure to run around? Are you always in a hurry? Do you feel stressed when looking at your to-do list, because you think you have to finish them all NOW. Then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got an undefined Root center. Are you constantly thinking about things going on …

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The 9 centers of the bodygraph

Did you look up your own chart, are curious about what it means, but are you touching in the dark? In this blog I want to translate the foundations of your design part by part so you can have a basic understanding that can get you going. To start your experiment it’s not necessary to …

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New to Human Design? Start here!

Did Human Design (HD) cross your path, was your curiosity sparked, but do you find yourself a little lost on where to start with ALL the information? Then this post is here to help. I feel you though! When HD found me, I felt quite overwhelmed and thought I had to know every little detail …

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Curious about your own design? Check it out below

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Podcasts with me

All podcasts are in Dutch

Human Design Netherlands podcast with Inge

In this episode I have a conversation with Taco, Saskia, Vera and Inge about living as an intuitive (Manifesting) Generator. All of us have an undefined Solar Plexus (Emotional) Center. We talk about our own experiences being “unemotional” in an emotional world and what it means to surrender to living in the present. Enjoy this intuitive episode!

Growth Circle podcast podcast with Danielle

In this episode I have a conversation with Danielle about my own journey. I share about how shame got a hold of my life, my panic attacks, how perfectionism killed my energy. We talk about my great wake-up call and how that changed my life. Also we discuss the importance of a safe space, how this helps to shed shame and give your emotions a free pass.

Rise In podcast with Deirdre

In this podcast with Deirdre we talk about letting go of all the “shoulds” & boxes we’ve put ourselves in, how to liberate yourself and coming back to your true wild nature. I share about my journey from ‘good girl to wild woman’, how to connect with your body through yoga and self inquiry through The Work. We hope this one inspire you to give yourself that permission slip to be your true unique self and letting go of everything that you’re not.

Trust the Unfolding podcast with Desiree

In this episode with Desiree I share about my transformation from ‘head on a stick’ to being able to feel. From human doing to human being. We discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and what happens if you suppress emotions. I explain why the connection with our bodies is so important & how inquiry through The Work helps unwinding your mind. And lastly I share how connecting inner child through play, dance and song helped with confidence and being true to myself.

Let’s break the shame podcast

In this podcast with Maartje & Jennifer we talk about how sharing our true stories can help shed shame. We also discuss how speaking about your wounds or shame releases judgement and creates a sense of connection with yourself & others.. Last but not least I share why it’s so important to follow your own path & make choices that are correct for you instead of following the heard.

The Work material


Below you can download the worksheet ‘judge your neighbour’ to let your judgments run freely. Don’t feel bad for judging, it’s ok to own up to your thoughts & beliefs so you can investigate their truth.

The 4 questions

Below you can download the worksheet ‘one belief a time’ that help you in inquiring the judgements you wrote down on the previous worksheet. These 4 questions guide you through the process.


Below you can download the instructions for The Work. Do you really want to know the truth? The Work is contemplation, meditation and about awareness. Try to stay curious and keep an open mind.

Need more guidance & support?

In my 1:1 sessions I’ll guide you through your inquiry process using The Work. You can check out the options by clicking the button below.