How my clients experienced their sessions

Jolijn – 3/5 Emotional MG

“It all started when Carina just dropped a little of her knowledge about Human Design in a phone call. She was sooo super enthusiastic about what she discovered about herself and how it helped her to make better decisions in life.  Just by seeing her shine, I needed to know more! So Carina started to share her knowledge. And wow Carina has given me this same feeling about Human Design. She taught me all about my type, authority & strategy and how I can play and feel with these new insights I gained about myself and how to divide my energy better. It is so much fun! And there is sooo much more to it… I can’t wait for the next session. It’s magic that makes sense when on the right path.”

“Practical, enlightening and inspiring. That’s how I experienced the session with Carina. Carina completely attunes to who you are, so that the information can be easily processed and after 2 hours I still had energy (which is quite exceptional as a mental projector). During the session I felt seen and heard and Carina created a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Even if you are already fairly familiar with Human Design, you still can get so much more out of your design by booking a reading. If you are still new to HD, I am sure that you will receive a beautiful translation of your design, tailored to your knowledge. Thank you for this valuable reading Carina!

Vera – 6/2 Sacral Generator

“The session and how you translated the chart for me was especially insight- and helpful, as it strengthened me in my intuitive power. In the discovery and belief that I already know. That my intuition is mostly a good, if not the best adviser in many situations. That the sometimes seemingly illogical decisions that I know I have to take (will) make sense at the end. It also underlined that I don’t have to, maybe even shouldn’t execute many of the things that call me, by myself, but that I am allowed to look for companions (open throat center) to communicate them to the world. The whole session felt a bit like an underlining and acknowledging of hunches and tendencies with a bit spice and clarity here and there, as you shared insights with me that I haven’t thought of before and that I can now marinate in.”

Marieke – 2/4 Emotional Projector

“Really loved the HD session! So many things clicked and resonated with me. It truly helped me to accept myself more; I can be who I am and I don’t have to be, do or produces like anyone else and vice versa. I am allowed to be me and I now realize that’s most beneficial for everyone. What especially touched me was the way you explained my open vs. defined centers. It was like you gave words to how I felt on an energetic level. You explained the basics very clear while still going in depth. You gave me details and yet considering them in perspective to the whole. Your enthusiasm is very contagious and so nice to see, I could feel it through the screen!”

Anke – Sacral MG

“Thank you so much for your awesome Human Design session! I really like your energy. I loved talking to you about my design and the tips you send afterwards were great. They helped me becoming even more aware of my ‘not-self’ stories.”


“Carina coaches from a place I would love to be myself. She guides with peace, acceptance and the wisdom she acquired through her own experiences. Besides these beautiful qualities, she has strong analytical skills as well. This makes her see through your words and asking the right questions. All of this makes Carina a truly warm and loving coach”


“I instantly felt very welcome with Carina, she provides a safe space for you to be yourself. She’s a great listener and her questions dare you to look beyond your rational mind. Instead of giving advice, she helps you to come up with your own answers and insights. I am so grateful for her support. After the session with her I felt relaxed and motivated!”