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Just love yourself; what does it even mean?!

There’s this saying that shook me when I first read it. “You cannot be loved, you can only BE love”. I don’t know why, but it resonated SO much with my being. Perhaps because I’ve experienced how deeply connected I feel with everything and everyone when I’m truly connected to myself. I’ve been on this self love journey for a while

Your role in this life; the energy Types explained

One of the most important things to understand when you meet Human Design is your energy Type. It shows you what piece of the puzzle you are, what role you’re here to play. Together with Strategy & Authority, discovering your Type probably give you lots of aha-moments. And more importantly, clarity and explanation (“oh that’s why I experience this…”) and

What does ‘waiting to respond’ mean?

For around 70% of the population (Generators & Manifesting Generators) ‘waiting to respond’ is the Strategy in navigating with life. That’s a lot of people. So it’s kind of a big deal if us (yes I’m an MG) sacral beings would follow our Strategy, right?! The world would probably be a lot more satisfied and less frustrated. Ra Uru Hu said

How to read your own chart?

This time no long read, but a video! In this video I explain how to read the basics of a chart, using my own as an example. Perfect if you’re a complete HD newbie and curious of what you’re looking at. I touch upon what the Human Design bodygraph means & how it comes together, the 9 centers (coloured in

Hey 5th line, not every problem is yours to fix

Let’s talk about the 5th line baby! I’ve noticed how many insights come through these days (61-24 in the transits perhaps?). Especially after conversations I have with others, studying or sessions with clients. With my completely open Head I find it very helpful to journal and write about these insights and my experiences. It’s nice to get things out of

The 9 centers of the bodygraph

Do you feel a constant pressure to run around? Are you always in a hurry? Do you feel stressed when looking at your to-do list, because you think you have to finish them all NOW. Then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got an undefined Root center. Are you constantly thinking about things going on in the world or about

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