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What it means to fully say YES to life

“Live life to the fullest”. You may have read this phrase somewhere in your Insta feed or other social media platform. And it is usually accompanied by someone showing their smile, adventures or “look how great my life is” memo. Which CAN be inspiring & a great reminder to not take life too seriously. Don’t get me wrong. But the

Your role in this life; the energy Types explained

One of the most important things to understand when you meet Human Design is your energy Type. It shows you what piece of the puzzle you are, what role you’re here to play. Together with Strategy & Authority, discovering your Type probably give you lots of aha-moments. And more importantly, clarity and explanation (“oh that’s why I experience this…”) and

What does ‘waiting to respond’ mean?

For around 70% of the population (Generators & Manifesting Generators) ‘waiting to respond’ is the Strategy in navigating with life. That’s a lot of people. So it’s kind of a big deal if us (yes I’m an MG) sacral beings would follow our Strategy, right?! The world would probably be a lot more satisfied and less frustrated. Ra Uru Hu said