Something personal

I believe I’m here for a reason, I have a true purpose in this live. For me it’s all about spreading love and empowering others to step into their true authentic self. I want to contribute to making the world a better place in my own unique way. By being me and being the change I want to see. I truly believe that the world would be a better place when we allow ourselves to be who we are without dimming our light or shine. It’s time to embrace all that we are and live our true nature. Following the beat of our own drum and our inner guidance, instead of someone else’s.

Passion, commitment, devotion and enthusiasm describe how I work and live pretty well. I love to dive into the depths of people, knowledge and experiences. Rabbit holes are my thing! That’s why I didn’t just learn about own Human Design, but dove deep into every aspect of it and radically started my own experiment. That’s why I didn’t just let myself be coached through The Work method, but completed 2 trainings myself. I love experience above all else and I don’t preach what I don’t practice. I am very intuitive and a true empath.

Something energetic

In Human Design terms I am a 5/2 Sacral Manifesting Generator.

Here you can see my bodygraph so you know who you’re about to work with and how my energy dynamics work and might influence you. Even though you’re not familiar with Human Design yet or don’t have an understanding of what it all means, I still feel this visual can help you grasp my energetic imprint and how it relates to your own.

My definition (life force):
❥ 46-29 Channel of Discovery
❥ 15-5 Channel of Rhythm
❥ 25-51 Channel of Initiation
❥ 20-34 Channel of Charisma
❥ 44-26 Channel of Surrender
❥ 45-21 Channel of The Money Line

Something quirky

I don’t like small talk and am not so good at it. I’d rather be quiet than talking about the weather. But when we go deep, I am the most extraverted person you can possibly imagine.

When I was a little girl I was always singing on the bus, doing fashion shows on holidays and loved theatre and dancing. The last couple of years I’ve let this side of me back into my life again. Dancing & singing every day.

When I get excited, I get excited for real! Like all over the place excited. I like to experience things in life fully and deeply. No half-heartedness, but full on passion. Can be a little overwhelming for my family & friends sometimes.

I love wearing the same clothes and eating the same things over and over for quite some time. Think yoga pants & same sweater every day and oatmeal for breaky. Untill I’m done and suddenly want to dress up and wear make-up again. Does not make any sense, just following my flow.

I love being in my own cave (a.k.a. home/car/bed) without being disturbed by anything or anyone. Quirky & so me!

Something true & real

Before working as a coach/guide/teacher/translater, I worked as a researcher and data analyst in several Marketing jobs. Never thought I would end up doing this kind of work now. Always thought I had to make a real ‘career’.

When I experienced a mental and emotional breakdown in the beginning of 2018, I knew I had to change something. I had been experiencing panic attacks for quite some time and was stuck in many unhealthy patterns. I suppressed my emotions and was people pleasing non-stop not to rock anyone else’s boat. Also I put so much pressure on myself ALL THE TIME.

I have felt deep shame for myself for practically my whole life. Especially for my body, but also for my emotions, thoughts & sexuality. Practically up to my 30th I believed something was severely wrong with me. I tried to be miss perfect and everything (I thought) others expected me to be.

I loveeee practicing yoga whenever I can. When yoga and I met, it was love at first sight. Yoga allows me to be a little more and do a little less. For me it’s about a sinking deep into my body and accepting & loving myself fully. My love for yoga even ended up in me teaching both Yin & Vinyasa flow.

Do you feel a resonance with my story? Please feel free to contact me.