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What it means to fully say YES to life

“Live life to the fullest”. You may have read this phrase somewhere in your Insta feed or other social media platform. And it is usually accompanied by someone showing their smile, adventures or “look how great my life is” memo. Which CAN be inspiring & a great reminder to not take life too seriously. Don’t get me wrong. But the flipside of this “good vibes only” love & light movement (which I have recognized within myself big time) can result in feelings of not being good enough if your life does not look like this all the time. So let’s not be fooled by the gram. In the past 4 years of my inner journey back to me, I discovered that I DO want to live life to the fullest. Saying YES to life! With my Personality Sun in gate 29 (the gate of saying Yes) this is a big part of who I am and what I am here to express. Here are some words about what it means to me. Enjoy! ❤️

Saying YES to life

We have adopted the believe that we should be happy all the time (whatever that may mean to you) and that sadness, anger, jealousy and shame are ‘negative’, ‘low vibe’ & unwanted. So So we do our utmost to avoid them, release them, get rid of them or not allowing them to feel them at all. We slam the door into their face saying “you’re not welcome”. Imagine saying this to a child when he/she is crying. Well we sometimes even actually do. “Stop crying”. “There’s no need to cry”. “Why are you crying?” etc. But what if that is not the point? What if the most loving thing to do is allowing their experience to be there. Giving it room to breathe. Just holding the tears, the sadness. Without fixing or pushing it away. We do this with ourselves as well, because we haven’t learned how to truly feel. We jump into our minds labeling our experience as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, something that should be different. We resist what is presented to us right now. What if we actually allow our experiences & emotions to come by, feel the fullness of them and if necessary reflect on them to see what message they have for us.

What if could truly say yes to life? To every aspect. To all that is happening. To every experience just as it arrives in the moment. Without trying to change it or control it in any way. Allowing the experience, whatever it may be, to happen. Giving it space & room to unfold. Without trying to numb it down when it feels uncomfortable. Can we stay with it, emerge ourselves fully into the depths of the experience? Without knowing the outcome, not knowing where it will lead. Can we take the leap, commit the the FULL ride from beginning to end? Without denying any aspect, without expectation of how it should feel or what it should look like. Seeing every part of this experience we call life as sacred. Holding all experiences all as if they are your beloved children. All wanting a seat at the table. Wanting a voice, to be seen in their fullest expression. Can we allow them to flow through, staying in motion? Creating this safe bedding within ourselves for all the energies move freely. To have their place. To be fully accepted and allowed to move in their own way. Not asking them to shift, not to be “healed”. But instead, inviting them all in, without pushing them away. Letting them stay as long as they want. Sadness, happiness, anger, shame, excitement. The whole shebang. Welcoming them in, letting them come and go in their own timing. We’re just holding loving space.

From this space we might even notice we are able to carry it all. Even though we didn’t believe we could. Saying YES to life, feeling its richness, its fullness. Savouring every breath, every tear, every smile, every sensation, every experience. To the fullest. Loving every aspect of what it is to be alive as a human being.

Enjoy this ride called life! 🎢

Love, C. ❤️

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