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Your role in this life; the energy Types explained

One of the most important things to understand when you meet Human Design is your energy Type. It shows you what piece of the puzzle you are, what role you’re here to play. Together with Strategy & Authority, discovering your Type probably give you lots of aha-moments. And more importantly, clarity and explanation (“oh that’s why I experience this…”) and hopefully the feeling that there’s nothing wrong with you. Especially if you feel like there is and because of that seeking answers of what exactly IS wrong followed by trying to change, fix or improve yourself. Spoiler: there is nothing that needs fixing and you’re not going to find answers outside of yourself. Ok, back to Type. Why is it so helpful and how to start experimenting with it in real life? Let’s dive in!

Type defines your aura

HD distinguishes 4 different aura Types; Generators (69%), Projectors (22%), Manifestors (8%) & Reflectors (1%). You might come across others sources that explain Manifesting Generators as a 5th Type, BUT they actually share the same aura as the Generator. The main mechanical difference is they have a motor (Root, Heart, Sacral or Solar Plexus) connected to the Throat center. So on the surface, despite so many layers of uniqueness underneath, Type is what you share with others. The way it plays out for you is yours to discover, but in general the aura of each Type has similar traits. You can think of your aura Type as the way you naturally interact with the world. Let’s look at the different ones a little closer (and see the image below for a visual).

Generator aura traits: open, enveloping, feels like a hug, magnetic, sparkling, attracting 🧲

Because of their open en magnetic aura that pulls everything towards them, Generator have the Strategy to wait to respond to life. When they live out their Type, they can trust their aura to do the “work”. Speaking from experience, when I wait to respond it feels very natural, effortless and like being in a dance with live. Instead of initiating, which feels like forcing and pushing, often leaving me frustrated AF.

Projector aura traits: penetrative, probing, absorbing, focussing, piercing, feels like a poke 👀

A Projectors aura penetrates and are fueled by the energy of the other (mainly Generators because of their open aura). With their laser focus they can see into the other and guide (Sacral) energy. Projectors see how things (and people) could be more efficient and /or how others could use their energy in a more fruitful way. Because their penetrative focus might be perceived as intrusive or overwhelming (a.k.a. unsolicited advice) , their Strategy is to wait for the invitation when it concerns guiding others (energy).

Manifestors aura traits: dense, closed, repelling, impactful, intimidating, mysterious, powerful 💥

With their closed aura, Manifestors might be perceived as unpredictable, intimidating and even unapproachable at times. Their aura pushes others away in a sense which is a protection mechanism for themselves as they are not here to be influenced or interfered with. You could compare this mechanism with Mozes splitting the sea; the Manifestor comes and people make way. But because their aura is dense and others often don’t know what the Manifestor is about to do, their Strategy is to inform.

Reflectors aura traits: sampling, tasting, “teflon”, resisting, reflecting, filtering, scanning 🧚‍♀️

With all centers undefined, the Reflector aura Type is very rare. Despite being so “open”, their aura is actually more resisting. It’s not like the enveloping hug Generators have, but it samples the environment and has the ability to led them slide off. The aura of Reflectors is therefore also referred to as the “teflon” aura; nothing sticks to it. I also like to see them as fairy’s who fly among us and sprinkle some dust to get a taste of what the environment is like.

Aura Types

The role you play in this life

Each Type has a certain role it plays in this life. Neither of them is better or worse, they’re just different. Again, please don’t feel boxed in because of these explanations of Type as no Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector is the same. But you do share a role. Think of life as a play with all different roles. Let’s say some people play the role of doctors, which they share. The fact that they all play doctors doesn’t mean they are the same, there are surgeons, GP’s, psychiatrists, internists etc. And then you have different types of surgeons and they all have a specific character. You get the point 😉 In a perfect world we would all play our part and they would supplement each other. Every piece of the puzzle is needed, without one of of them the puzzle would not be complete.

To describe the different roles, I like to use another analogy (yup that’s my thing 🤓 )

Let’s say there is an idea of starting an eco-resort with it’s own sustainable farm & café that serves the local community. The Manifestor would be the one initiating the plan, the one who planted the seed of starting the resort. They tell others about their vision so others can get on board (or not). Perhaps it’s also the owner, not involved in day-to-day business that much and off to blaze another trail. Knowing the impact he/she has made and feeling at peace without resistance.
Manifestors role: Plant seeds, initiate new things, visionair, have an impact. Here to know their impact; “what is my impact?”

The Generators & MG’s are the ones who responded ‘yes’ to this great idea and who do the work. They farm, build the café, water & harvest the crops, serve the customers in the café. Feeling satisfied after a day filled with activities they loved doing.
Generators role: Do the work they love to do, generate life force, build, create, nourish. Here to get to know themselves; “who am I?”

The Projectors guide the Gen’s & MG’s on a daily basis and manage the work that needs to be done. Asking the Sacral beings for their energy and making sure all projects are taken care of by the right people in efficient ways. They come up with systems to provide just that which leaves them feeling successful.
Projectors role: Guide the life force energy, mastering systems, lead, manage. Here to get to know (themselves through) the other; “who are you?”

Reflectors represent the customers, reflecting back how well the community is doing from an objective outside stance. Their value lies in giving their feedback and wisdom about how they perceive the resort. When they are in awe with the resort and feel surprised in a way, it’s a sign that the community is working in perfect harmony and functions in a healthy way.
Reflectors role: Being the objective judge of their environment, reflect others. Here to know their environment; “who are we as a whole?” / “who is different?”

How to support each other?

Since each auric Type works in a different way, it makes sense that they need to be approached and supported in different ways as well. When you understand how your own Type operates, you can inform the people in your life how they could best support you in your experiment. For example, if you are a Generator or MG you can be supported when others ask you yes/no questions and help you notice when you’re frustrated or making mental decisions. I notice how helpful this is in my own life, we all need allies and as an MG my energy works best in response (to a question). Encourage them to follow their gut response and only use their energy for things they love to do and have energy for instead of what they think they should do.

For Projectors, relationships are very important because they literally absorb and focus on their energy. You can support them by recognizing them for who they are and what they see, followed by an invitation. Projectors love to study and master systems, so you can encourage them to deep dive into topics they love to learn about. Because of their undefined Sacral center (the one that all Generators & MG’s DO have defined), their energy levels are inconsistent. You can support them by allowing (and sometimes encouraging) them to take more rest and not blame or shame them for it. It’s ok that they can’t keep up with the energy levels of Sacral beings, that’s not their role anyway.

If you have Manifestors in your life, you support them best by not interfering with them and their energy. Manifestors don’t like to be controlled, they want to move without resistance and their aura is built for it. Inform them about your plans, keep them in the loop and let them know that you would like to be informed as well if they’re about to do something that affects you. Since they’re not always aware of their impact themselves, it could be helpful to share how they’ve impacted you. Give them space to rest when they need to and allow them to initiate things. Asking them too many questions, like with Generators, might overwhelm and anger them because they’re not here to respond.

If you have the privilege of having a Reflector in your life, you can support them by making sure they feel good in their environment. Allow them to change environment when something feels off for them. They’re here to be surprised by life and as Lunar beings are affected by the moon on a daily basis. All 64 gates move through the moon cycle of 28 days, so Reflectors can experiment with noticing how they feel throughout the cycle. Allow them to be inconsistent in their energy and take a moon cycle when it comes to big decisions without pressuring them in any way. Appreciate what they reflect back to you in terms of what they observe in their environment.

Hope this was helpful, enjoy the ride! 🎢

Love, C. ❤️

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