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How to protect yourself from burn-out as a (Manifesting) Generator?

In this video I explain why Sacral beings (Generator/MG’s) end up being burned out. I share examples of how to reconnect with your Sacral and how to know if you’re depleting or regenerating your energy. Enjoy!

Wanna deep dive into this topic some more?

In my own HD experiment so far, I have found that integrating the basics of Strategy & Authority is way more valuable than learning every detail about my chart. It would have been great if I had some support from people who actually lived as Generators instead of just trying to wrap my head around what it means from what I’ve read in a book. And apparently I’m not the only one. Do you want to go deeper on what it means to be a Generator/MG? Do you want to learn from lived experience? Do you want to have practical signposts you can experiment with? And most of all, do you want to feel the support of a group setting? Then the Sacral Masterclass might be for you! Save your seat below.