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What does ‘waiting to respond’ mean?

For around 70% of the population (Generators & Manifesting Generators) ‘waiting to respond’ is the Strategy in navigating with life. That’s a lot of people. So it’s kind of a big deal if us (yes I’m an MG) sacral beings would follow our Strategy, right?! The world would probably be a lot more satisfied and less frustrated. Ra Uru Hu said himself how important it is to wake up the Generators. Because we carry the life force energy on the planet, it better be fruitful. If you’re a Generator or an MG, you’ve probably learned that your Strategy is ‘wait to respond’. But what on earth does that even mean? How do you know if you’re doing it “right”? And how to practice with it? Let’s dive in πŸ’¦

Why are we waiting to respond?

First of all, if you don’t know nothing about your design and if this story applies to you, please check out this blog. A little recap about Strategy; it’s all about how you best interact with life according to your energy Type. I like to call it ‘your dance with life’. So for Generators & MG’s this is waiting to respond. But why? Well it has to do with the mechanics. Being a Generator Type means having a defined Sacral center (the second square from the top), which you can see in the image below is coloured in red. Which is also why we’re often referred to as ‘Sacral beings’. Mechanically, the Sacral center is like a battery that generates energy (hence Generators πŸ˜‰ ) that it can use to work, reproduce, create, build etc. But here’s the thing; this generative process ONLY happens when it’s used in response to something. Not when it’s initiated from your mind and what it thinks you SHOULD use your Sacral energy for. That, in turn will degenerate the battery and results in exhaustion or burn out. So basically it all has to do with the correct use of energy. And the Sacral only regenerates energy when it engages in things it has energy for. It’s a Yin like force and has built-in to attract and pull in like a magnet. 🧲 So it can then respond whether or not that thing, person, activity is something it has energy available for.

When I learned this it was such an eye-opener to me. No wonder I got so drained when I was forcing or pushing things. I am not built to use my energy to push or initiate things into existence. Wow, really?! Can I just relax and let things come to me? 😳

Everyone wants your valuable energy

As I mentioned, the Sacral generates life force energy that is truly magnetic. It’s this humming vibe of aliveness that grows, nurtures and creates. It flows, moves, buzzes and vibrates. Feel into that for a moment. What pops up? For me it feels like sweet honey. 🍯 And when I feel my Sacral is engaged into something, I feel very much ALIVE 🀩 So what happens when someone vibes this aliveness? Others want to share in on it, they want a piece of that aliveness. Especially non-sacral beings (Projectors, Manifestors & Reflectors) who don’t have access to this energy consistently. Others want your juice, and they will want to draw it out of you. That’s how valuable your Sacral energy is, others will request it.

What often happens is that we, as Sacral beings, don’t value our own energy enough. We didn’t learn that we have a build-in mechanism that protects us from engaging with just about everything. So we end up giving our energy away to everything & everyone because we think we have to. Because we’re making decisions from our minds and based on what we think we SHOULD be doing. Becoming slaves of our minds. 🀯 But not everything is worth your energy, you don’t have to engage in whatever is being pulled into your awareness. Which can be quite a challenge as a Generator with an open aura, because you take in a lot. Acknowledging how valuable your energy is, is a great place to start.

Responding β‰  reacting out of habit

So what does ‘waiting to respond’ look like in real life? Well literally it means that you let life come to you so you can respond from your Sacral whether or not you have energy available. Life coming to you in form of questions or requests, but also seeing an ad or Instagram post could draw out your energy. In fact you’re responding all day with the smallest of things. Smiling when the sun comes out or when you see a baby, moving your body or singing along when you hear a song. It’s all responding.

So if it’s this simple, then why do we all initiate instead and try to make life happen, pushing and forcing? Leaving us all frustrated instead of satisfied. Because we haven’t learned to trust our magnetic aura and on top of that we often believe that if we surrender, nothing will happen. I speak from experience here and as an MG have always been a super impatient person πŸ€ͺ What might happen when you learn about responding is that your mind is not ready to give up control. It wants to stay in the lead and decide how to navigate through life. Which makes so much sense, because it has done so for a couple of decades. It has become a habit, your auto-pilot.

Which is also why you want to experiment with reconnecting to your Sacral. Becoming aware of bodily sensations. How does it feel in your body when something or someone comes towards you? What sounds does your Sacral make? Is your body moving away or towards it? Is there an aliveness bubbling up inside of you? It might take time to get familiar & in touch with your Sacral (again), especially if it has been overruled by your mental chatter since a young age. Your mind will always try to override your Sacral, it can be super subtle. When you become aware of the mental chatter happening, you can start to experiment with not acting out of this place. Your mind will probably go πŸ₯œ and will convince you to initiate and do something because [fill in the reason], this is part of the deconditioning process. It’s about your body after all.

Below you’ll find a little summary of what I’ve discussed & some tips you can experiment with.

Enjoy the ride! 🎒

Love, C. ❀️

If you wanna keep this one and print it out as a reference for you or other Generators in your life, you can download it below.

Wanna deep dive into this topic some more?

In my own HD experiment so far, I have found that integrating the basics of Strategy & Authority is way more valuable than learning every detail about my chart. It would have been great if I had some support from people who actually lived as Generators instead of just trying to wrap my head around what it means from what I’ve read in a book. And apparently I’m not the only one. Do you want to go deeper on what it means to be a Generator/MG? Do you want to learn from lived experience? Do you want to have practical signposts you can experiment with? And most of all, do you want to feel the support of a group setting? Then the Sacral Masterclass might be for you! Save your seat below.

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