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The 9 centers of the bodygraph

Did you look up your own chart, are curious about what it means, but are you touching in the dark? In this blog I want to translate the foundations of your design part by part so you can have a basic understanding that can get you going. To start your experiment it’s not necessary to know all the nitty gritty. Do you want to know where to start with your chart? Then this post is your go-to. In this blog I cover one of the top level basics: an overview of the 9 centers. Let’s dive right in!

9 energy hubs

When you look at your bodygraph you see a very beautiful image that basically shows you how your life force energy is flowing. Obviously there’s a lot happening and you probably don’t know what you’re looking at. 🤯 When you zoom out for a moment and look at the whole, there are 9 centers in each chart. Every bodygraph consists out of these 9 centers and are the energy hubs so to speak. Each center has a specific function and meaning and shows you how they are present in your unique design.

In your chart, each of these 9 centers is either going to be coloured in or white. To take away some of the confusion already, the colour itself doesn’t tell you it’s meaning (apparently it’s so easy to get caught up on that as it’s the first question some people ask 😅 ). The main thing to remember is the difference between a coloured in and white center.

Coloured in
When a center is coloured in (also called defined in HD terms), it means that the energy of this center is consistent, reliable and fixed for you. It’s also the energy you’re here to put out into the world.

When a center is white in your chart, it’s the opposite. The energy of this center is not consistent or reliable for you, it’s more fluid. It’s what you’re here to take in and experience from the world around you.

Is coloured in better than white?

This is probably your next question, am I right? One of the first things people do when they see their chart and those of others is to compare. This also happens in my sessions when I show my chart to give a visual impression of my energy. “Wow I have so much whiteness and you have so much colour”. They instantly think that one is better than the other. If you can relate, you probably have a little giggle right now 😉 It’s super normal that this happens, your mind is wired to compare and compete so no stress. That’s where Human Design can be so helpful, being the science of differentiation. It’s all about our uniqueness, instead of sameness. Of course we’re all human beings, but we express that being is so many different ways.

Ok, back to the centers. So the answer is no, coloured in is not “better” than white neither is vice versa. Whatever better means anyway. It’s just a different experience of that center and the energy it represents.

The energy of each center

Each bodygraph tells a story on its own, a story of the whole, a story of colours and whiteness combined. That’s always something to keep in mind when looking at different parts separately. Looking at the centers, they all have a different function & meaning. Below the image you find an overview of what each center is about.

Root center ⛽️ > pressure center that deals with stress & adrenaline and provides the fuel to come into action
Sacral center 🔋 > motor center that represents the life force energy to create, build & produce
Spleen center ⚠️ > physical awareness center that provides the instinct & intuition to deal with our primal human fears
Solar Plexus center 🔥 > motor & emotional awareness center that deals with feelings, desires and the experiences we have as human beings
Heart center 💪 > motor center that has to do with self worth and will power to provide, promise and deliver
G center ❤️ > identity center that shows our direction, identity and love in this life
Head center 💭 > pressure center that provides inspiration and our fuel for our thinking process
Ajna center 💡 > mental awareness center that deals with conceptualising, ideas, interpreting and organising thoughts
Throat center 📣 > manifestation center where the energy of all others centers is leading towards to be expressed, communicated or put into action

Wanna learn more about the centers?

Obviously there’s more to learn about the centers and what their energy looks like or is experienced. To support you in your journey & experiment I’ve put together a 80+ page E-guide that goes into each center in depth. With this guide you get to know the centers in your own chart in a fun and easy way. All translations are supported with visuals, metaphors and emoticons cause well I love to make things pretty and easy to digest 😍 . Plus you’ll find journal prompts for each center in both undefined as defined state to reflect upon your own experience with them.

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