Learn to trust your inner guru through the lens of Human Design

You are your own guru

You have gifts to share and it’s time for you start living in alignment with your true and unique self. It’s time to be your own guru.


❥ …having an inner guidance system that is here to align you to your own unique path

❥ …being able to step into your personal power & trust yourself no matter what

❥ …easing into your true nature & feeling free in expressing ALL of you

❥ …starting to live life on your own terms instead of anyone else’s

❥ ..being unapologetic about who you are & owning your truth

If you feel a resonance, you’ve come to the right place!

Pleasure to meet you, beautiful!

Hi, I’m Carina! I am here to guide and empower you to start living according to your true nature. I am not your average coach. Don’t expect me to fix you, because you’re not broken. I won’t tell you who to be. Don’t expect me to put you into any box but expect the limiting labels you may have about yourself to be shattered. All the power, love and belonging you crave is already within you. I am here to help you see and remember that. It’s my purpose and privilege to see others thrive and shine. This is what truly makes my heart sing!

Are you ready to dive deep?


Align with your unique energic blueprint


Inquire & shift your limiting beliefs

right palm with gold glitters

I don’t want to be the best version of myself, I want to be the truest version of me

Your Human Design Roadmap

You have a unique blueprint showing you who you truly are & what your potential in this life is. Your design gives you the manual for living correctly as yourself & aligning with who you already are. Getting to know the basics of your design helps you to get started. I’ve put them all together in a small roadmap (3 emails) so you can discover your design step by step. And yes it’s free!

❥ Do you want to understand the basic principles of your Human Design chart?
❥ Do you want to know how to use your energy in a way that works for you?
❥ Do you want to have practical tools to start with right away?

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